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Smart Leadership Through the Power of AI

With the potential to transform society and our quality of life, AI is set to contribute $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030. Today’s leaders need the knowledge and confidence to ensure that their organizations are poised to capitalize on this opportunity.

In this program, you will develop a deep understanding of AI and its industry-specific possibilities, so you can lead your company through an AI transformation. Enroll today to:

  • Learn about the latest advancements in AI and how they can benefit your organization;
  • Complete an AI augmentation project directed by leading faculty; and
  • Earn a Stanford Center for Professional Development Certificate.

Who Should Attend?

The Stanford AI for Executives program is designed for forward-thinking business executives, key decision-makers, and growth-minded directors who want to transform the way they do business and position their organizations for maximum growth through data-led decision-making and AI.

Program Information
Registration Deadline:
October 31, 2020
China Standard Time
Start Date:
November 14, 2020
China Standard Time
4 weeks
Program Cost:
$7,800 USD
Program Format:
4 weeks of course study, using synchronous meeting technology
  • 4–8 hours/week of class time
  • 2–3 hours/week of independent study
Combination of remote independent study and in-classroom learning at local study centers.
  • Available study center locations:
    • Shanghai
English, with in-person classroom support and supporting materials in your local language.
Cutting-edge technology brings Stanford faculty to you.

This program’s unique live-to-device technology allows you to learn both at a local study center and a location convenient to you. Over four weeks, interact in real time and forge strong connections with industry-leading professors from Stanford—without having to travel to the US.

Throughout the program, you will work on projects that are designed to help you to develop a deep understanding of AI’s many benefits and equip you with the skills to lead the AI transformation of your organization.

Learn to lead an AI-powered organization.
Position your organization for innovative success. Become a technical pioneer. Turn data into actionable insights through the latest advancements in AI.

“Welcome to the AI for Executives program. Artificial intelligence is intersecting with the future of organizations in powerful and complex ways. This program is designed to provide executive business leaders with the insights and analytical skills to lead an
AI-powered organization. By applying a computational lens to complex business goals, we will draw on recent advances in both computer science and management science to analyze successful implementations of artificial intelligence across the globe.”

Academic Program Director Associate Prof. Michael Bernstein >>
Program Details
Artificial Intelligence: Opportunities, Challenges, and Design Strategies
Course instructors include:
Michael Bernstein, Associate Professor of Computer Science
Amir Goldberg, Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior
Melissa Valentine, Assistant Professor of Management Science and Engineering

Course summary:

What is AI, and what can it do for you? This course explores how artificial intelligence can empower the people, products, and decision-making within your business. You will learn what AI can (and cannot) help you solve, and how to use AI to design the best solutions for your organization.

Course objectives:

  • Learn the basics of how AI works, and which leading approaches can address your organization’s challenges.
  • Equip yourself with tools and techniques for designing AI into your products and decision-making.
  • Explore the AI technologies that innovative companies are using to shape the future.
8 hours of class time at a local study center 2-3 hours of independent study and project work
4 hours of class time at home, live to your device 2-3 hours of independent study and project work
4 hours of class time at home, live to your device 2-3 hours of independent study and project work
8 hours of class time at a local study center 2-3 hours of independent study; project presentation